The Great Iconoclast Release Party

The Great Iconoclast released on September 7th, 2018, after over a year of production, and what seemed like endless support and encouragement. This support proved itself true on September 15th, at 7pm, in Butler, New Jersey, as almost 100 excited fans, family, and friends came to fill the room, and celebrate its release with us. It was truly a night to remember, as one of The Dependence families came together to play through the whole of The Great Iconoclast, and a few new unreleased songs, and covers. We wanted to do something a little different. We love our fans, we would not be here without them, and we want you to feel just as involved as you truly are. The following are photos and videos of the event, in case you couldn’t be there. (Just a warning, these are videos shot on iPhones, so don’t trust their audio quality, though their video quality is honestly pretty impressive). Enjoy.

Daniel Folgado opened up the night with a few jaw dropping, heavy, and beautiful tracks. Including a stripped back version of the title track from his 2012 LP, “Sunrise/Reset” which you can find here:

We kicked off the night with the first track on The Great Iconoclast, “Thistles.”

The next four tracks we played were in order from TGI: “Cracks,” “Freedom,” “For The Taking,” and “There Were Two.”

I then introduced this Dependence family, and we played some tracks that were not from the record, starting with a cover of “When You Were Young” by The Killers.

We followed that up with a track which we plan to release on our next EP, about learning to stop thinking you know everything, titled “Opinions.”

After that, we played our arrangement of “Come Thou Fount,” which we first introduced when we opened up at the Citizens show on June 24th, at Emergence in Totowa, New Jersey.

After that, I explained a bit of the heart behind TGI, and we jumped back into the record we were celebrating the release of, playing “Forty One Ten.”

Then the band jumped off stage for a bit and I slowed down the set to invite everyone in the room to sing through the confessional lament, “Draw Us Near.”

To end the night, the rest of the band came back, and we played through “Benediction,” because every great event needs to end with a true reminder to hope, and a true challenge to love.

This show marked one of the greatest moments in my life. Surrounded by love, surrounded by encouragement. I can think of no better way to begin the life of this record. Huge thanks to Daniel Folgado for opening up the night, and for playing drums, to Daniel Terry for playing bass, to Michael Tria for playing guitar, to Hannah Lagar, Abbey Weathers, and Thalia Garzon for running Merch, to my parents for your endless support, to Architect Music for having us, and to all of our kickstarter backers for putting your faith in us.

I hope you can see how much fun this night was, and I hope to see you at the next one.

Keep your eyes peeled. This is only the beginning.


You can find “The Great Iconoclast” here:

Thank you.

- Jordan Marotti, The Dependence